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We Provide Services for

Metal Plating and Finishing

Municipal Wastewater

Food and Beverage wastewater

Agriculture Wastewater

Lab-Scale Testing

Provide a water sample, and we will treat it with the Elateq system and produce a detailed treatment report.

On-Site Demo

Schedule a demo at your facility. We provide a demo, and you test the water samples at a lab of your choice. Our demo unit has a 600 GPD capacity.

full-scale systems

Elateq Offers A Wastewater Treatment Solution As A “Polishing Step” To Meet The Requirements For Discharge Or Reuse At Municipal And Industrial Facilities.

We take pride in our numbers

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Gallons of Water Saved

0 MWh

of Energy Saved

0 Lbs

of Waste Avoided

This data is a result of 20 years of operation, and a 50,000 Gallons per day Elateq System vs. Reverse Osmosis

Check out our data

Agriculture Contaminants removed from wastewater
Municipal Wastewater Contaminants removed Chart
Food and Beverage wastewater